A Lap of India

A Lap of India“, as the name says, is an initiative to take a complete lap of India. It will be a colossal road trip across 10,000 years of history in 10,000 kilometres (that’s driving from Land’s End to John O’Groats 8 times or New York to LA and back again) and make 10,000 young futures of underpriviledged youth become a reality one by one. It is dedicated in supporting the underprivileged children and raising funds to feed, clothe, teach, provide shelter and provide health care.

We helped provide premium bumper sticker solution for the awareness of the event. There were six designs for the bumper stickers. We converted the designs into scalable vectors and printed assorted types of stickers. These contained a set of front glue stickers (i.e. glue on the graphic side) and a set of back glue stickers with matte finishing.

You should definitely visit their page and take part in this awesome and noble initiative.

My God! The stickers look AWESOME! Loved the product. – David Pinto (Chief 4×4 Driver)

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Top View of Sealed Stickers. Premium quality stickers with premium grade packaging!
Stickers Completely Sealed for Dispatching. They look like chocolates, don't they? :D
Assorted collection of all the stickers. The glossy ones are front glue where as the premium matte finish ones are back glue
Matte finish 'Now This is Epic' sticker. The most famous of the lot.

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