Cash On Delivery Is Here!

Cash on deliver was one of the most requested payment options. A lot of college students and people who did not have debit/credit cards requested us to have cash on delivery so that they can order our amazing products as well. But at that time, we did not have a great delivery partner and having cash on delivery was super hard for us. We wanted to do it right and I agree it took us way longer than expected. But we are so glad that it has been finally added now. Better late than never. 😉


What is cash on delivery?

Cash on delivery is the method of paying for your order when the order is delivered to your doorstep, instead of paying it online. It is convenient for people who do not have a credit card/debit card or are not comfortable paying online.


Are there any charges?

Yes, cash on delivery would have an additional COD charge applied to the orders which checkout using this payment option. This amount is Rs 50 per order. Anything above Rs 2500 would have a 3% cost added to it. You can easily avoid these charges by paying for the order online via net banking, debit card, credit card or your favourite wallet.


Applicable products

Cash on delivery is applicable on all the listed products on the store.  Cash on delivery is not applicable on bulk custom orders though. Bulk custom orders can consist of bulk custom stickers, coasters or badges.

We are constantly striving very hard to add new features, products and experiences to Juststickers. Your feedback and suggestions play a vital role in it. Do share any thoughts you have at all!

Thank you once again 🙂


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