Coasters are here!

We have loads of things planned in our road map and we are so glad that we ticked an important one this month. We re-structured our product strategy on the website so that we can offer a variety of products for every design we have. Anyway, I will write about that in details in a different blog post.

The Coaster is the first product we are launching along side the existing sticker inventory. So from today onwards, all the designs will also be available as premium glossy coasters. If you are looking for a custom coaster, you can just drop us a mail and we will figure that out as well. Time to add some sparks on those table tops!


This is our first step in bringing even more amazing and exciting products. So your support and feedback will be very valuable to us. Feel free to write to us or give us a call with any suggestion/feedback you have 🙂




You can check out all the coasters here.

– Sumeet