Shit Happens Sticker


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Product Description

Bad things happen to people for no particular reason. Shit Happens. Did you know that the 1994 film Forrest Gump, contains a fictional account of an event involving Forrest Gump which allegedly led to the birth of the phrase. When he was running across the country, a bumper sticker designer asked him about whatever Gump wanted to say so he could put it on a bumper sticker and sell it; at the time, Forrest stepped on dog excrement, as the other guy said to him “Whoa! Man, you just ran through a big pile of dogshit!”, then Gump said “It happens”, the guy replied, “What, shit?”, Gump replied “Sometimes”; and the slang was created.

Size Info

All the stickers are printed on a special Juststickers Reusable Material using a high precision printer. This makes the stickers reusable upto 99 times* and they do not leave any residue or stain on removal. All our stickers have a premium matte lamination layer on top to ensure a long lasting print quality. All our stickers are water proof.

Sticker Type Dimensions (inches) Finish
Juststickers Reusable Sticker Fits within a 3" x 3" area. Height and width depends on the aspect ratio. Matte