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Special Juststickers Reusable Material ™
Reusable up to 99* times
Guaranteed no residue on removal!

There are people who casually play games. Then there are those who shout and scream when they die in an online virtual multi-player battle. Gaming is a passion. If you are a gamer and take it seriously, this sticker is the perfect way to tell people that Caution, Angry gamer present!

Product Description

This Caution Angry Gamer sticker is for all serious gamers. But here are a few tips to control your anger while gaming, so that you do not destroy your gaming pads or keyboards.

1. Keep the gaming pad down or move away from your laptop/computer.
2. Take deep breaths.
3. Go for a walk.
4. Have something to eat.
5. Come back and kick ass. 😀

Size Info

All the stickers are printed on a special Juststickers Reusable Material using a high precision printer. This makes the stickers reusable upto 99 times* and they do not leave any residue or stain on removal. All our stickers have a premium matte lamination layer on top to ensure a long lasting print quality. All our stickers are water proof.

Sticker Type Dimensions (inches) Finish
Juststickers Reusable Sticker Fits within a 3" x 3" area. Height and width depends on the aspect ratio. Matte

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