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Contributing to open source has never been this easy. Either pick up an open source project and start contributing or start your very own! But if you are associated with Open Source projects, having this awesome Open Source Circle shaped vinyl sticker is but obvious. Built on premium quality vinyl and perfectly cut into a round shape.

Product Description

Did You Know?

Open source softwares can be forked to create a completely new software altogether. One of the most influential open source forks might be the fork of Webkit from KHTML. It’s the basis for all the magical things we can do on browsers like Chrome and Safari. Also, Apple is the company behind this fork. 🙂 Proudly wear the Open Source Circle Shaped sticker and fork another history!

Size Info

All the stickers are printed on a special Juststickers Reusable Material using a high precision printer. This makes the stickers reusable upto 99 times* and they do not leave any residue or stain on removal. All our stickers have a premium matte lamination layer on top to ensure a long lasting print quality. All our stickers are water proof.

Sticker Type Dimensions (inches) Finish
Juststickers Reusable Sticker Fits within a 3" x 3" area. Height and width depends on the aspect ratio. Matte

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